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We all love movies. In them, the protagonist faces a difficulty for which he is not prepared. During the middle of the movie, he trains, prepares and plans a strategy that will guarantee him victory, but, just when he is about to face the villain, something goes wrong and everything he planned falls apart.

He must quickly analyze the situation and, when it seems that all is lost, he understands the changes, adapts to the new circumstances and solves it. Everyone cheers his name and his triumph will be told for generations.

I like movies a lot, as I also like the Agile Mindset. For now, let's talk about Agile Mindset today.

Agile Mindset is the ability of people and organizations to respond to change successfully in difficult and uncertain situations.

Agile Mindset is the mental structure used by heroes and leaders in organizations. It has some core values that are worth being clear about:

  1. Individuals and interactions. We must put more focus on customers and their responses with the products or services we offer.

  1. Functional products. Spend less time on unnecessary documentation and give more freedom to development, creativity and execution.

  1. Closer collaboration with your customers. Feedback from customers is very important to meet their needs. Listen to them. What they tell you adds a lot of value to your work.

  1. Responsiveness to change. Following a plan is fundamental. Don't neglect to do the strictly necessary documentation or provide the tools for efficient work.

When we enter the Agile Mindset, it is worth quoting David Bowie: "we can be heroes".

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