The Value Conversation


The North Star. For all the organizations, a major step in achieving their objectives depends on how well all the people connect, align, support and engage on The Value Conversation. But, what is “The North Star”?

The North Star, named Polaris, has been used for centuries as a part of navigation and wayfinding for generations. In the Companies, it’s more often than we allow ourselves to recognize, that many people don’t know where the company’s North Star is. As a consequence, the teams are not truly aligned, their objectives are not truly connected and, even things are working at many levels, they are not as efficient as they might be.

Thus, the Value Conversation is deeply needed.

There are 5 key focus areas that must be clear and talked about:

  1. Discovering, identifying and documenting what “Value” means to the business and its customers. We must identify clearly what problems are we solving.

  1. Anchoring “Value” at the center of strategy, decisions and actions throughout the organization, both internal and external. This way, we will be shifting all conversations to Value.

  1. Enabling the organization (LVMS – Lean Value Management System) to help focus, guide & connect to value where ever is at all times.

  1. Accelerate and improve the system’s ability to capture Value. So, we can anticipate and embrace the need to change and scale up.

  1. Respond to the lessons learned and need to shift and adapt quickly and effectively.

Agile Mindset


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